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Neuro-Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation

NERRI is a three-year project funded by the European Commission with the aim to contribute to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the field of Neuro-Enhancement. Neuro-Enhancement describes improvements in brain performance trough pharmacological and technical devices.

The consortium involves 18 partners from 11 European countries. Their task is to draw up an analytic characterization of Neuro-Enhancement in their respective country, to mobilize different stakeholders to collect the most salient features in this field and to promote a broad societal dialogue about drawbacks and opportunities, ethical positions and the need for regulation. This will be achieved through mutual learning activities such as interviews and workshops. Stakeholders are e.g. scientists, policy-makers, the industry, civil society groups, patients, students, teachers and the wider public. NERRI’s aim is to bring these groups together and discuss the challenging topics raised by the developments in Neuro-Enhancement.

The next step aims at concretizing and putting into practice a framework for Responsible Research and Innovation for Neuro-Enhancement in Europe, that means to find ways to implement the concept of RRI. The impact of the project outcomes has to be maximized by communicating the project activities: The consortium’s major task is to promote interest in the scientific and societal aspects of Neuro-Enhancement and to foster an informed debate about what Responsible Research and Innovation will look like in this field in the future.

Project duration: March 2013 – February 2016
Project staff: Dr. Juergen Hampel
Christian Hofmaier
Contact: Dr. Juergen Hampel

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